11 Ways To Celebrate GALentine’s Day With Your BFF
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11 Ways To Celebrate GALentine’s Day With Your BFF

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Whether you’re single or not, I think we can all agree that girl time is the best time! When we’re with our girl squad, we have all the freedom to be ourselves without judgment: we can gossip, confide, laugh, and love each other unconditionally. So this February 14th let’s ditch the dudes and gather in on all of our girlfriend glory to make this GALentine’s Day the best one yet!


1. Pajama Party

Keep it simple and unwind with a good old-fashioned slumber party! Get comfy in your sweetest jammies, order some pizza, and pop in some chick flick classics like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Hot Chick, and Bridesmaids.


2. Get Moving!

Get your endorphins flowing by taking an exercise class together! You can motivate each other in spin class or awkwardly laugh your way through hot yoga. If group classes aren’t really your thing (they’re not mine either), then consider another physical activity in your cutest athleisure, like taking a hike or just running to the nearest shoe sale!


3. Wine O’Clock

Check out a local winery together and set up a wine tasting. You can embrace the opportunity to sample all different kinds of wine and bond over new favorite flavors. You can also get your fancy on and learn how to properly drink and enjoy wine, as well as how to pair it with yummy foods!


4. Fun In The Sun

Depending on where you’ll be spending this Galentine’s Day, you may be able to soak up the sun with your gal pals either at the beach, lake, pool, waterpark, or out on a boat! Break out your biggest hat and throw some subtle shade at any mushy PDA while you ladies get bronzed together in some sassy swimwear.


5. Get Pampered

The great thing about treating yourselves is that you can go high or low budget! Kick it at home with a couple mud masks and exchange mani-pedi’s while sipping champagne or go all out and hit the spa. Either way, you’ll be spending the day getting refreshed and rejuvenated with your besties.


6. Pinterest Party

Who doesn’t love making friendship bracelets?! Get crafty and celebrate your everlasting bond with some homemade jewelry or bust out your old bedazzled and go to town on your outfits! If you want to get really romantic, you ladies can even make a scrapbook of all your greatest memories together.


7. Thrift Swap

Head to a few local thrift shops together and challenge each other to come up with full outfits for one another that you all have to wear out that night! You’ll either crack up at each other’s choices or look fly like Macklemore in your new thrift shop duds.


8. Bring on The Fur Babies

If you and your beloved bestie want to take the relationship to the next level, then what better way to show your commitment than to adopt an animal together? Of course, you’ll have to seriously consider whether you’re ready for that responsibility, but you could save the lives of a puppy litter and each take a sibling, or you and your roomies can adopt a house cat together! If you’re already animal owners, just include them in your day and venture out to the closest pet-friendly craft beer spot or Dog Park.


9. Farmer’s Market Potluck

Grab your reusable grocery bags and head to the farmer’s market together! Pick out some locally sourced organic ingredients and have each girl plan a dish to make that evening. Later you ladies can sip wine in the kitchen while making all your fresh, healthy potluck contributions, then indulge together guilt-free!


10. Get Your Adrenaline Flowing

Nothing brings you closer than being excitedly terrified by having a life-changing experience such as jumping out of an airplane! If you girls are super bold adrenaline junkies, you could spend the day facing your fears by skydiving, bungee jumping, or white water rafting!


11. Road Trip

There’s a reason why movies about girl’s trips are so popular- they are epic! Something about an all-woman wolf pack traveling together is super entertaining, especially when you’re front and center. Pick a destination, cram yourselves into a hotel for the night, and hit the town for some unforgettable adventures together!


Regardless of whether you’re a low-key crew or more of an over-the-top type, we hope that you and your lady loves enjoy a wonderful GALentine’s Day together! When it comes to girl time, the possibilities are endless and you’ll appreciate having each other to lean on, joke with and journey through life with. Lots of things and people will come and go throughout the course of a special friendship, but one thing girls can always count on is each other!


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