7 Facial Masks To Help With Dark Marks, Texture, and Dullness

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The road to clear skin is not a smooth one, to say the least. It’s full of bumps and potholes and craters—no pun intended! It’s probably one of the only times in your life when you should be taking the road most traveled. Because in this case, when it comes to your skin, you want to exhaust every option imaginable before taking any extreme routes like Accutane, Birth Control, Acid Peels, or Acne Chemical Peels.

I have tried everything plausible to help my skin. You name it and I’ve tried it. (Everything except those really scary peels I mentioned and Accutane.) But that’s what I’m here for- to be your test dummy so you won’t experience excessive breakouts or spend unnecessary money like I do!

My go-to skincare product is always going to be a facial mask. I do them at least three times a week. With facial masks, you almost always see immediate results after just one use, which is why I prefer them and recommend them to anyone. Of course, the continuous use of them over time will show greater results, but unlike the first-time application of most skincare products, you should see results right away. In my opinion, facial masks should give you a clear indication of how well they work and the type of results you should look forward to seeing just after one use.




This mask is the definition of a decongestant mask as it’s made from 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. You will literally feel your skin pulsate as the clay deep cleans your pores and balances out your skin’s natural oils. This mask also helps reduce the appearance of acne scars and improves skin texture.




Need more proof that grapefruit is a skin-saving solution? Try this grapefruit vitamin C-based mud mask to brighten your skin and enhance your glow. It gently exfoliates to minimize pores and shine in just 5 to 10 minutes. And if the mud application isn’t your thing, try the paper mask or sleeping mask versions which offer the same benefits!



This Chinese-inspired exfoliating face mask is an intense treatment to remove dullness and unevenness in skin tone. The Nicaraguan and Chinese-sourced ingredients illuminate, even and revitalizes skin with its mix of ginseng, rice extract, and sesame seed oil. It can be used 2-3 times a week to reveal an improved and brighter-looking complexion.



This hydrating facial mask is jammed packed with natural nutrients that will get your skin looking better than ever. The Kojic Acid, extracts of Licorice Root, Mulberry, and Grapeseed will help reduce the appearance of old acne scars and even out any skin discoloration, while the Olive Leaf Extract and Vitamin E hydrate and brighten your skin.



Boasted as a fan favorite from Tacha’s signature collection, this mask will give your skin an immediate glow. With two types of Vitamin C and AHA’S from 7 different fruits, the natural nutrients and vitamins gently remove dirt and oil buildup from your skin, which will help improve skin texture and promote the production of new skin cells.



Pumpkin is great for all skin types because it’s rich in Vitamin A, C, E, & T! Vitamin A soothes and softens the skin, vitamin C helps heal the skin, and vitamins E & T are acne fighting vitamins. So, pumpkin masks are especially great for anyone battling acne. This hydrating masks decongests the skin and rids it of excess oil and in doing so it shrinks your pores and reduces inflammation and future breakouts. This masks also makes a great exfoliator.




Touted as a green juice cleanse for your face, this mask works to help your skin in four ways: removing dead skin cells; fighting dullness; improving skin texture, and balancing skin tone. It does all this with ingredients like kale, lime pearls, and papaya, and is suitable for all skin tones. Plus Pacifica products are known to smell great, so this is a win-win solution!





**All of the products on this page are vegan cruelty-free with the exception of a few products containing beeswax!

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