How To Properly Extract A Cyst or Pimple

By Brittany Priore

Anyone who has ever gotten a pimple on or around their chin can vouch that they are probably the most painful and stubborn! They reside deep underneath the skin, inflamed and irritated causing nothing but discomfort. When a pimple is causing that much pain, it’s usually due to the bacteria trapped inside of it. Once released, the pain should subside significantly. But what are you to do when a pimple hasn’t formed a head yet? Sometimes if it sits too long, it only enhances in size or leaves a scar behind long after it’s gone. Even though popping a pimple is the worst thing you can do to your skin, sometimes the situation just warrants it. You know, like picture day? The first day of work or school or even your wedding! So, if you’ve already tried topical solutions such as acne spot treatments and facial masks, then it’s time to pop it and I’m going to teach you how to properly do so.

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I prefer to do this whole process at night so afterward, I can go to sleep and give my skin time to rest and restore itself. The next morning I usually repeat step four again and try avoiding putting any makeup on my skin.