9 Must Reads About Self-Love and Self-Fulfillment

By: Maria Briceno Illustration: Nancy Chalmers

1. The Four Agreements

This book CHANGED my life. I’ve read it at least 3 times and I have the audio book for when I’m being extra lazy. It challenges you to forget about society and live through these agreements. Amazing. 


2. The Fifth Agreement

Same as the book mentioned above, but another agreement. Great, too. 


3. The Mastery of Love

This book teaches you how to master self-love and how everything else will fall into place once you do and how to create loving relationships and such. 


4. Many Lives, Many Masters

Initially, I was attracted to this book because its author is a psychiatrist (not hippie, peace and love, etc) and I wanted to learn more about past lives. Btw, the book is all based on a true story!


5. Only Love is Real

FAVORITE ⚡️ Same author ( Brian Weiss MD) it’s a story of soulmates reunited. Freaking great.