Dear Diary: Is There A Cure For Imposter Syndrome?

By: Donna Mack

I received notice today that I was invited to a final round interview for a great job in a competitive company. The immense relief I felt after I got the email was followed by an unexpected feeling of sadness. I sat with the feeling for a bit, and realized I was sad because I was attaching my sense of worth to whether I got the interview or not. You see, I'd been telling myself that getting this interview meant I finally was standing on my own merit, and was proving to the world I was "good enough." Recently, I've been working to find confidence in my own abilities and not let external factors, like what job I'm in, define what I'm capable of. The fact I put so much weight on this interview unconsciously told me how much more work I have to do, and that triggered the sadness. So yes, I do have more work to do, but that's ok. One step at a time, all the while telling myself I am smart, I am capable, and I can do hard things.